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What day is Brother Bon opening?

We are opening on the Tuesday 18 February!

Serving breakfast with sustainable fairtrade coffee, lunch menu and our friendly casual dinner experience!

Please be sure to book as many customers have been waiting for our opening :)

What happened to Loving Hut Northcote?

The team at Loving Hut Northcote has been operating since 2013.

Since that time the business has grown into what people know it as today.

Brother Bon was an opportunity for the team to have a bit more creativity and individuality as a restaurant/cafe.

We are the same team, same people, same love ❤️.


Will you still be doing X, Y,   dishes from LHN?

The menu at Brother Bon has been reworked, adding many new dishes, and keeping the fan favourites from Loving Hut Northcote. 

Many classics with cult following such as the Southern Fried Chicken have stayed and other Lemon Chicken, Vietnamese fried rice have been improved.

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